Cuvettes – Category Description

Why cuvettes from AirekaCells?

  • Cuvettes (Cuvets) for UV/VIS/IR Measurements with Superior Transmission Performance

Optical glass cuvettes 340nm to 2,500nm (Visible Spectrum), ES quartz cuvettes 190nm to 2,500nm (UV Spectrum), IR quartz cuvettes 250nm to 3,500nm are available for quick selection.

  • 2 or 4 Clear Windows for Spectrophotometer and Fluorescence Analysis

Fluorescence cuvettes for fluorometers have 3 or 4 walls transparent while spectrophotometer cuvettes have 2 walls clear, with round or flat bottoms. Teflon, Silicone, Teflon stopper, Teflon screw caps with a center hole are list with stock.

  • Sub-Micro, Semi-Micro, and Macro Cuvettes with <100 µL, 350-1700µL, 3500µL, and Larger Volume

The cuvette volume is the maximum amount of sample that a cuvette can safely hold. The most common capacity is 3.5 mL for a standard 10 mm cuvette cell. Different volumes are also available ready to use.

  • Wide Range of Cuvettes for Use in Spectroscopy and Cytometry with Optical Path Lengths Spanning 0.1 to 100mm

On a standard spectrometer cuvette, the light path or path length will be the inner distance from the front window to the back window. The standard cuvette optical path length is 10mm. 

  • Z Dimension of 8.5mm, 15mm, and 20mm suitable for Various of Manufacturers

The Z dimension of a spectroscopy cuvette/cell is the distance from the bottom of the cuvette to the center of the sample window or aperture (the area through which the light passes). Z dimension is usually used with small volume cuvettes or flow-through cells when there is a restricted area window aperture.

  • Very High-Temperature Stability and Chemical Resistance Cuvettes (Fused Type)
  • Outstanding Measurement Reproducibility and Prevention of Cross-Contamination

Useful Information About Cuvettes:

  • UV-vis Spectrophotometer Cuvette Selection Guide

Knowledge of UV-vis Glass and Quartz Cuvette Material, Transmission, Z Dimension, and Path Length. A guide to types of cuvettes that suit your experiments best.

  • Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes for UV Range

Information about Spectrophotometer Quartz Cuvettes for UV applications and A List of Stock Product Comparison for Quick Selection.

  • Fluorescence and Flow-Through All-Quartz Cuvettes

Quartz Cuvettes Ideally Suited for Fluorescence and Flow-Through Spectroscopic Analysis. 30% Off and Worldwide Shipping.