Autosampler Compatibility

This table indicates the categories of vials that are compatible with various models of autosamplers. Certain utosamplers require the purchase of optional vial trays and, in few cases, programming upgrades to use all of the vials listed.

  • An X mark indicates that the vials from this category are compatible with the autosampler in most configurations.
  • An F mark indicated that a cap having an outer flange is required for the vial to operate properly with the autosampler.
  • An M mark indicates that a magnetic seal is required for use with the autosampler.

MANUFACTURER MODEL Crimp 11mm Vial Screw 8-425 Vial Screw 9mm Vial Screw 10-425 Vial Screw 13mm Vial, 15x45mm Screw 18mm Vial, Headspace
AgilentTechnologies® 1050 x   x      
  1100/1200 x   x      
  1090A x x x      
  1100/1200 Wellplate/ NanoFlow x   x      
  6850ALS x          
  7673A/7683 x          
  7694E           x
AI 42 Position Tray x          
  60 Position Tray            
AIM CPS-100/200 x x x      
Alcott® 718AL x x x      
Alpha M.O.S. Fox/Prometheus x x x     M
  Kronos x x x      
Antec Leyden ALEXYS AS 100 x x x      
ATAS GL Focus x x x     M
Beckman Coulter® 501/507/System Gold x x x   x  
Bruker Map II x x x x    
  LC51         x  
CTC™ see Leap Technologies x x x      
DANI ALS-1000/39.80/86.80 x          
  HSS 39.50/ 86.50/ SPT 37.50           x
Dionex ASI-100/A550 x x x x x  
  AS-40   x     x  
  FAMOS x x x      
DynaTech LC-241 x x x      
ESA 540 x x x x x  
  540-MT x x x x    
Fisons® A-200S/AS 150/800/8000 x x x      
GBC LC 1650 x x x x x  
Gerstel MPS 2 x x x x   M
  MPS 3 x x x x    
Gilson® 234 x x x      
  235 x x x      
  231 XL/232 XL/233 XL x x x      
  215 x x x x    
  250 x x x      
Jasco® 851/AS950/1550/1555   F        
  AS-2059/AS2059Plus   F   x    
  AS-2055/AS/2057   F   x    
  LEAP Technologies CLPAL/GC PAL x x x x    
  Combi PAL x x x x    
  HTC PAL/HTS PAL x x x x    
Hitachi® AS-1000 x x x      
  AS-2000 x x x      
  AS-4000 x   x      
  Lachrom L-7200/7250 x x x      
  Lachrom Elite L-2200 x x x      
Metrohm Triathlon x x x x x  
Perkin Elmer™ Autosystem/AS-2000/XL x x x   x  
  Clarus 500/600 x   x      
  Integral 4000 x x x      
  TurboMatrix 40/110           x
  ISS-100/200/Series 200 x x x      
  HS16/40           x
  LC Plus x x x      
Polymer Labs GPC 110/210/220 x          
Selerity 3100 x x x x    
Shimadzu® AOC-8B/9, AOC-14/1400 x x x      
  AOC-5000 x x x x   M
  AOC-20 x   x   x  
  HSS-2B/4B           x
  SIL-6A/6B/9A   F   x    
  SIL-10A   x x x    
  SIL-HT/10ADVP x x x x    
  LC-2010 x x x x    
Spark-Holland Symbiosis/Reliance x x x x    
Thermo Scientific Surveyor LC x x x      
  AS 3000/Trace GC/Focus LC x   x      
  TriPlus x x x x   x
Tosoh® TSK-6080/AS-8010/AS-8020 x F   x x  
Teledyne/Tekmar® 7000/7050           x
  HT3A           x
Varian® CP-8410 x x x x x  
  CombiPAL x x x x   M
  8034/8035/8100/8200 x x x      
  9095/9100 x x x      
  Prostar 400/410/420 x x x x    
  Prostar 430 x x x x    
  Geneisis           x
Waters™ WISP 48 Pos. Tray         x  
  717Plus x          
  Alliance 2690   x x x    
  Model 2767   x x x    
  Model 2777       x    
  Acquity x x x x    
  CapLC x x x      

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