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Introducing the ALL-NEW

Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 diameter

Durable coverslip holder perfect for

live-cell microscopic imaging.

Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032
  • Sample sandwiched between two coverslips
  • Full body surgical stainless steel
  • All parts autoclavable
  • O-ring seal preventing leaks

Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 size

AirekaCells® Coverslip Cell Chamber (PN: SC15032) is a practical coverslip holder crafted to last and endure. It is specially designed for live-cell imaging using inverted microscopes.


The assemblies are shown in Fig.1 and dimensions are provided in Fig.2
The features include:

  • Full body surgical stainless steel
  • All parts autoclavable
  • Significantly reduced Z axis drift
  • Fast heat transference through metal base
  • Silicon O-ring seal preventing leaks
  • 0.5mm clearance for the objective lens
  • Standard Φ35mm mounting stage holder
  • Φ17.4mm clear aperture for high N.A. objectives
  • Suitable for round coverslip configurations
  • Sample fully isolated/sandwiched between two coverslips
  • Perfect for hazardous sample


Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 Chamber Dimensions

Product Q & A


Q: What is this Coverslip Cell Chamber used for?


The chamber is designed for live-cell microscopic imaging. With two coverslips in place, it forms a leakproof enclosed volume (≤2ml) to completely isolate/seal the sample from external environment. Hence it is perfect for hazardous samples or when sample evaporation needs to be minimised. In addition to epi-fluorescence microscopy, this chamber system is also compatible with common confocal microscopy (e.g. laser-scanning, spinning-disk, TIRF). The distance (clearance) from sample to objective lens is close to 500μm depending on the thickness of coverslip of choice. It is recommended to used inside a microscope environmentaVincubation chamber where temperature are properly controlled.


Q: What is so special about Coverslip Cell Chamber?


The coverslip cell chamber allows for quick and convenient (dis)mounting of glass coverslips. Therefore, it is perfect for experiments that require in-house coverslips treatment, e.g. nitric acid wash/sonication, UV/plasma treatment, protein/gel coating. The hexagonal handle provides a better grip; fine threading caters for coverslips of different thickness. Full metal body enables rapid thermal equilibrium with external temperature (when placed inside microscope environmental/incubation chamber). Functionally there is little difference between the coverslip chamber and parafilm-sealed conventional 35mm glass-bottom dish, so you may easily incorporate it into your routine experimental practices.


Q: Why stainless steel?


We choose quality surgical stainless steel (316L) over acrylic or polydimethylsiloxane due to its supreme durability, corrosion and heat resistance. All parts are autoclavable and can be cleaned by sonication in alcohol. Our practical coverslip chambers are engineered to endure and last.


Q: What is the best way to clean the chamber before/after use?


Our recommendation:

– Autoclaving all parts in clean H2O before first use.

– After each use, wash (or sonication 5min) all parts in 70% ethanol

– Stored dry

– In case of severe contamination, autoclave all parts in clean H2O, change 0-ring


Q: How can I order?


You can order online using our secure checkout process, or contact us via email: sales@airekacells.com. Purchase Orders are accepted from Academics.


Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 Product Details

Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 details

Coversli Cell Chamber SC15032 coverslip size

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