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Placing an Order Online

Purchases from airekacells.com can be made online via our website. When we receive your order we will contact you to confirm availability and estimated delivery times. In most cases we will be able to ship your order within 2-3 days of receipt. New customers might register before they can place orders with us. The steps for placing an order are as described below.

1. Register Online

First time buyers need to complete a new account application with airekacells.com. You can apply online by clicking on the create “Register” on the MENU on the top right.

register an account

Once registered, you can start buying products from Aireka Cells using online payment gateway. Returning (existing) customers can directly proceed to purchase a product after logging into their accounts.

2. Add Products to your Shopping Cart

Products to be purchased must be added to the shopping cart and then checked out for purchase via the payment gateway.
A product can be added to the shopping cart in the following ways: Search for a product by typing in the name or catalog number of the product in the Search Bar on the top menu of the screen. You could also go to the Product details page by clicking on the product name button under a product then clicking on the “Add to Cart” button on that screen.

Remark: Items might not be added when options on product pages are not chosen. Open product detail page and choose accordingly.

Item Options

Through Inquiry send an e-mail to sales@airekacells.com or live chat on page bottom right for a product , no price, not in stock, not found on the website. Aireka Cells will then check availability and issue a quotation to you.

3. Apply Coupon Code to Your Shopping Cart

By clicking View Cart on the top right of the page.
Hover your mouse below the products description by clicking “Use Coupon Code” and fill in the coupon code.

Apply coupon code

Please send inquiries to sales@airekacells.com or live chat on page bottom right.

4. Check Out

Items added to the shopping cart can be checked out for purchase by clicking on the “checkout” icon under the shopping cart on the top right hand menu column.

View Cart

5. Online Payment Options

We accept all credit cards for online purchases. You can choose to pay through Paypal by debit or credit card.

Payment by Credit card
Payment by Paypal or Credit card

6. Confirmation of Order

You will receive an e-mail confirming your order. The e-mail will summarize the details of the order placed and the payment due for the purchase. Shipment details will be sent out in a separate e-mail.

Placing an Order by E-mail

Nanchong Weiluo Scientific Co., Ltd accepts orders placed by e-mail to sales@airekacells.com.
To purchase, please submit a signed, dated purchase order form (PO). Orders become legally binding only upon the receipt of written confirmation, or upon receipt of the commodity and associated invoice. Please mention your account number (which is located on all invoices and packing lists) when placing an order by any of the above methods.

International Customers

Please provide the following information with your order:

  • Your Name, Telephone, E-mail address and Fax number.
  • Purchase Order Number.
  • Institution Name and Attention Line.
  • Shipping Address.
  • Billing Address
  • Product Catalog Number, Description and Quantity.
  • VAT number and information, if applicable.
  • For deliveries via freight forwarder: Please provide freight forwarder’s contact name, e-mail, and fax number with your order.

Your orders will be confirmed by e-mail. Contact us by sales@airekacells.com or live chat on page bottom right for any further queries.

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